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The process of making a necklace

I start with a flat piece of brass.

I hit the brass with a hammer to give texture to the surface.

Then I copy the design.
This flower is a peony which means beauty and wealth.
I fix it on YANI stand.
Yani is made from resin. It gets soft with a torch and gets hard again when it cools, and it can hold things.
Chisel tools
*TAGANE: cold chisels
*YANI Stand: fixing stand
*OTAFUKU: hammers
TAGANE has various shaped edges. Hitting it with OTAFUKU makes a variety of lines.
I like Katakiri Tagane and Maru Kebori Tagane. Both of them are traditional cold chisels. They can make rich line drawings.
I cut an outline by a hand-powered fret saw. The blade is so delicate that I must consentrate.
I hit the back to make it round.

Brass has the property of hardeding when you hit it with a hammer. Heat makes it soft. I shape it by hitting and heating.

After shaping, I rinse with dilute sulfuric acid.
I cut off the inside of the design.

I polish with a machine which is the same as a dentist tool.

Give it a good shine.

I make the ornament parts out of brass wire.

I give it dark color.

I finish setting each part and complete the piece.